Pioneer Generation for Commercial Investment: An Umbrella Management Company

Maintenance Department

As we value our customers’ health and wellbeing, we have founded a top equipped maintenance center with well qualified staff to provide servicing, repairing, installation and training for all medical equipment that exist either in home care section or hospitals and private clinics section such as:

Maintenance of home care equipment:

  1. Oxygen Generators
  2. Electric and Manual beds
  3. Blood Pressure & Diabetes equipment
  4. Humidifiers equipment
  5. Electric chairs
  6. Suction equipment
  7. Massage and slimming equipment

Maintenance of hospital equipment

Intensive care unit and General Clinics equipment:

  1. ECG equipment
  2. DC Shock equipments
  3. Ventilators
  4. Patient monitor equipment
  5. Pulse Oximeter equipment

Dental clinics equipment:

  1. Dental chair unit
  2. Autoclaves
  3. Dental X-Ray machines

Surgery Department equipment:

  1. Diathermy equipment
  2. Suction equipment
  3. Anesthesia machine
  4. Sterilizing equipment

Physical Therapy equipment:

  1. Massage equipment
  2. Impulses and muscle stimulation equipment
  3. Nerve stimulating equipment

Infants care equipment:

  1. Incubators
  2. Infant beds
  3. Jaundice and ultraviolet equipment

Laboratory equipment:

  1. Chemical analysis equipment
  2. Blood separation equipment

We also provide maintenance contracts for hospitals and private clinics including monthly maintenance visits, safety cleaning, performance and quality tests with reasonable prices.

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